The machines are manufactured selecting top-quality aluminium, steel and other special materials. The trade components are chosen following the guide-line of their availability all over the world. The experience acquired in the years and the high technological standards guarantees their durability and functionality.
    OMAR R&G s.r.l. machines are manufactured in strict compliance with the safety norms, with the CE mark and supplied with maintenance and operation manuals in several languages. Before being put on the market they undergo some tests performed by engineers specialized in safety assessing the actual compliance with the norms in force.
    During the project OMAR R&G s.r.l. designers always take into consideration the importance of creating a simple, easily adjustable machine so that the format change does not imply waste of time.
    In OMAR R&G s.r.l. technological innovation and development of new solutions are constantly encouraged and evolve according to the trends of the market and the needs of the customers. Special attention is given to reliability, productiveness, and energy saving. Besides the company is cooperating with Polytechnic of Turin, world centre of excellence, since the company is convinced that the cooperation between University and enterprises in the field of scientific and technological research is essential for a real innovation of its products.