Machines suitable for the washing and drying of cylindrical and shaped bottles with speed rates from 1,000 b/h to 20,000 b/h.

The machines are equipped with variable speed drive for the regulation of the speed rate, stainless steel conveyor with adjustable rails and bottle transport chain of acetal resin.
They are manufactured of stainless steel A304 and top quality and high-resistance techno-polymers.

The washing of the bottles is obtained mechanically with the use of rotary brushes for the cork, the body and the bottom of the bottles and are wet with a jet of sprayed water. The brushes used do not need substitution in case of format change and are self-cleaning since through their rotation the washing water takes the dirt away and conveys it to the discharge of the machine. Moreover, they are equipped with independent electronic variable speed drive for the adjustment of their rotation speed.

The drying of the bottles is made inside a tunnel equipped with air distributors adjustable in height, width and inclination, fed through compression turbines producing heated air with a temperature reaching 45°C/50°C. A mechanical system rotates the cylindrical bottles inside the drying tunnel.

Our machines do not use any electrical resistances and this guarantees low energy consumption.

Depending on the speed rate and the type of bottle used we can offer different lines of products

logo_optima Intensive rotary washing with integrated washing of the bottom (low/average production with cylindrical bottles)
logo_maxima Rotary washing with central brush and carrousel with bottle blocked on rotating holding cups (high speed rates with cylindrical bottles)
logo_ecletta Rotary washing with external brushes and carrousel with a system blocking the bottle on rotating cups (cylindrical/shaped bottles)