In-line and semi-rotary labelling machines for throughputs up to 2,000 b/h.

In-line and semi-rotary labelling machines for throughputs up to 2,000 b/h with single-cup capsule dispensing and closing unit.

All labelling stations are equipped with conveyor belt with adjustable rails and return idler with accumulation board at the outlet. The cladding of the chassis, the safety guards and the switchboard are manufactured of A304 stainless steel.

All machines are equipped with cork detector, emergency micro-switches on the doors, safety systems on the starwheels and worms, and shrink-head lifting system operating in case of line stop.

The labelling stations are adjustable on 4 axes, equipped with stepper motors; the machine is operated through a PLC and touch screen display memorizing up to 30 different formats.

On demand, all models of labelling machines can be fitted with a labelling station for adhesive appellation strip, labelling station for medal, and hot transfer printer for the lot number on the label.

Our range of labelling machines includes
logo_syncro Semi-rotary labelling machine for champagne bottles with maximum throughput of 1,200 b/h, equipped with single-head capsule dispenser for the application of foils with medal, optical orientation of the foil with stepper motors, closing system with double pneumatic head, application of front and back labels and wrap-around collar. The bottles are conveyed to the working stations by means of an innovative gripper system (Patent pending OMAR 2009)